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Linda Wisdom | What’s Hexier Than A Witch?

October 2, 2009

LINDA WISDOMHEX IN HIGH HEELSFirst off, many thanks to Fresh Fiction for giving me a chance to talk about my latest book, HEX IN HIGH HEELS.

If you’ve read my series you know that my witches are sexy, snarky, and have attitude plus. They can take down the bad guys without chipping a nail and the words “charge it!” are in their vocabulary. They have a metabolism we wish we all had and the way they look is cuter than drop dead gorgeous.

They’re the ones you’d love to have coffee with at Starbucks, go shopping, or find a great place for lunch.

In many ways they’re just like us.

Well, except for the fact, …oops, click here to read the rest, you won’t be sorry!

One Comment

  • Mary Anne Landers October 2, 2009 at 1:23 am

    Linda Wisdom: Thank you for the news about your "Blair" witch project.

    I really go for active, assertive romantic heroines, ones who can take on anything and anyone. If they're witches, they'd have to be that way. Otherwise, men would just use them as hex objects.

    I also go for adorable, cuddly, furry creatures. Only in my case, it's cats.

    Not that there's anything wrong with dogs. It's just that I'm a cat person. Even as I type this, my cat Lucretia is sitting in my lap purring away. It's no mean feat to blog for hours on end with a cat in one's lap. Especially one this big and heavy!

    I dig romances in which pets play significant roles, but I can't imagine a were-cat. And you know how proud cats are. They'd probably consider turning into a human a step down.

    As for what kind of supernatural being I'd most like for a romantic hero, I'd say a ghost. I don't believe in them, but I wouldn't mind being haunted by one. Especially if he looks like Patrick Swayze did in that movie.

    Keep up the good work!