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September 24, 2007

So You’re the Writer

I get asked that a lot. By everyone. My doctor. My dentist. Neighbors. Friends to my extended family.

I’m not “a” writer.

I’m “the” writer. Like there’s only one.

Or it’s so odd, it deserves special definition.

Most times I keep the writerly part of myself private. Only with other writers and among readers who know I’m published do I relax about my profession. But somehow, everyone finds out. And it’s always embarrassing.

I’M not embarrassed to be a writer. No, never that. I LOVE being a writer. But some people have these interpretations, or just things they say, or maybe WHEN they say them, or HOW they say them, that can make it very uncomfortable.

I recently attended a neighborhood block party, and lo and behold, the topic of my books came up.

I’m NOT the one who raised the subject.

A woman said, “You’re the writer!”

And a male neighbor – a nice guy, but still… told me that, given what his wife reads of my work, he expected me to be a hottie.

I’m positive that I disappointed him. 🙂

Not too long ago, I was sitting at a high school sporting event and a woman I know said – from about eight rows away, “I read your book” – they never give titles. Just like being “the” writer, they just say “your book.” Anyway, she said, “I read your book, and then I highlighted the good parts for my husband.”

She had a very carrying voice.

Several people looked my way.

I could feel my face getting red.

And a woman sitting in front of me turned around and said, “Oh. So you’re the writer.”

All that from writing romance novels. And now I’m writing urban fantasy/horror, too.

I wonder what they’ll say next!

Have you ever been in a public situation that embarrassed you? (C’mon, you know you have!)

Is there anything about your profession that raises brows?

If you could ask me anything about writing, what would it?

I hope everyone is having a good day!

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