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July 8, 2010


My third romantic suspense with paranormal elements, The Wild Irish Sea, hit the shelves this week. I certainly had quite a time mixing together the plot, characters, mental telepathy, beautiful Irish scenery and a few Celtic legends. I’m thrilled that readers and reviewers are enjoying this story.

If you haven’t heard about or picked up your own copy of the book yet, I’d like to give you a brief glimpse of some of the things you can look forward to when you read The Wild Irish Sea. Being a late night person, I occasionally tune in the various talk shows, so with a nod to David Letterman, here are my Top Ten Things You Will Love About The Wild Irish Sea:

1.The cover – I really can’t take much credit for this. I love all my covers and they are all the work of the fantastic Sourcebooks Art Department. I will say that I did suggest the seascape on the bottom of The Wild Irish Sea. I’ve always loved… seascapes! Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

2.Kevin Hennessey — Okay, what’s not to love about a tough, but vulnerable Irish hunk of a hero? Kevin is my most tortured hero thus far. Watching him earn his happily-ever-after was a very rewarding experience!

3.Amber O’Neill – She’s spunky, brave, and determined, as every good heroine should be. But sometimes she’s also scared and wants to run and hide. Plus she has a tendency to be clumsy, and her hair is usually a mess. These very human and oh-so-familiar traits make her easy to identify with and cheer on when the things don’t go her way.

4.Parker O’Neill — I knew the heroine’s twin brother was going to steal some hearts as soon as he burst onto the pages of the story and started stealing scenes. I think his snarky comments, even in the face of danger, are one of his endearing qualities.

5.Ronan Lafferty — This wee little lad may be only eight years old, but he already shows the makings of a potential Irish hunk, just give him another dozen years or so… I’m not terribly keen on stories with children, who tend to put a real damper on the romance sometimes. But Ronan and his sister Meriol, and Connor Magee popped into The Wild Irish Sea and insisted I let them stay. I tried to portray them as realistically as possible.

6.Those big brown eyed seals — What can I say? I’m a sucker for adorable animals, almost as much as I am tough but vulnerable hunks. Seals have always been a favorite of mine, and I decided to put my own spin of some of those Celtic legends about selkies

7.That adorable cottage by the sea — I always wanted to live in one of those, so putting my hero and heroine in one was the next closest thing. This one might not have all the modern conveniences but the sound of the waves hitting the shore more than compensates.

8.All those cute Irish sayings and scrumptious brogues — Honestly, even curse words sound good with an Irish lilt!

9.Lots of steamy love scenes – I have to admit, this is the sexiest story I’ve written to date. Go ahead, pretend you are the heroine while you’re reading, and that the hero is your favorite celeb. I’ll never tell, after all, I did the same thing.

10.The Happily-Ever-After – C’mon, it’s a romance, you know it has to end happily, but if it’s not a dangerous and bumpy road, then did the characters really earn their HEA? Trust me, in The Wild Irish Sea they most certainly DID!

I’ll stop for now, but I hope these ten things intrigued you and gave you something to look forward to when you read The Wild Irish Sea.


Drawn together by a force they can’t resist
The telepathic image of her twin brother fighting for his life sends Amber O’Neill rushing to the rocky shores of Ireland. Desperate to find him, she turns to reclusive local inspector, Kevin Hennessy.

Bound together with a passion as relentless as the tide
His past full of pain, Kevin has withdrawn from the world. But when the rain-drenched American appears on his doorstep with her wild tales of danger, something more than her sensuous beauty makes it impossible for him to turn her away.

The wildness of the sea, the mystery of a selkie prince, and a dangerous band of ruthless smugglers bring two lost souls together in a connection of mind, body, and spirit that can’t be denied…

Loucinda McGary took early retirement from her managerial career to pursue her twin passions of travel and writing. She sets her novels of romantic suspense in some of the fascinating places she has visited. She was a finalist in the 2006 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart contest in Romantic Suspense with the manuscript that eventually became her second published novel, The Treasures of Venice. Her first published novel, The Wild Sight won the Best First Book category in the 2009 More Than Magic contest. She lives in Sacramento, CA. For more information, please visit her website.

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