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January 11, 2008

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Meanwhile, let’s chat.

I have a lot of friends who are going through one of two problems. About a third are depressed, a third are fighting weight issues, and a third are battling with both. (There’s a tiny percentage in there of people who follow the same philosophy I do, who take everything in stride and are actually doing very nicely. But it’s probably less than one percent of my pals. Sadly. I’m trying to spread it around, though.)

At any rate, I thought since these two problems are two I know well, have been through, and conquered, they would be my topic today. And interestingly, the same techniques are effective at fighting both depression and weight.

Of course, the first one is exercise. You know I used to think I couldn’t “run” even if I wanted to. And I never really wanted to. I was one of those, yeah; I’ll run if someone’s chasing me with a knife. But a friend of mine inspired me, and so I decided to try. I thought it would be impossible. Bad knees. But I walked and ran a little, and walked and ran a little, and upped the running every time. That was years ago. Now I can run five miles at a time, and I love it, and I’m going to enter some group runs this year.

It’s always possible. Anything is possible, you just have to make up your mind to it and do it. But even walking is good for you. The combination of the physical exertion and the exposure to sunlight, even in cold weather, and the fresh air and just being outdoors, all work on your mood. Endorphins surge. You just feel better all around.

I started today pretty blue. But by the time I finished an hour on my Bowflex, I was bopping out to the music blasting from my Iphone and singing along and feeling great.
Exercise is number one. Just get up and move every day. As much or as little as is good for you, where you are, right now. It’ll improve the fitness, and the mood.

And so will music. I’m telling you, no matter how bad things get, I’ve never seen a day when I didn’t cheer up instantly if I just could force myself to put on some loud, rock & roll. It only takes minutes.

I could be lying comatose on the sofa, sobbing my eyes out, and if I could just get that music going, I’d be fine within a half hour.

Music. It’s therapy.

My third miracle solution to depression and weight and any other problem you might encounter in life, is to understand that you get what you focus on. If you’re thinking about something you don’t want, even if you’re thinking how much you don’t want it, you’ll get more of it. So try to shift your focus gently from the unpleasant stuff to the stuff that makes you happy. The stuff that fulfills you. The stuff that gives you joy. What you ignore will eventually fade away. What you pay attention to will grow bigger and bigger. When it’s really bad, sometimes you can’t find anything to make you feel good, so at those times, you need to reach smaller–just look for anything that gives you relief, and then build from there.

I dare you to try this for a month. Start paying attention to where your focus is, what you talk about most, what you think about most, and shift it to good stuff.

See what happens!

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Enjoy your day! It’s the best prescription for happiness there is!

Maggie Shayne

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