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Meet Guest of Honor C.L. Wilson at Readers & ‘ritas!

November 8, 2018

As part of our countdown to Readers & ‘ritas 2018, our Meet the Author interviews help you get to know the authors joining us in Texas on November 9-11. Read on to get acquainted with New York Times bestselling fantasy romance author C.L. Wilson, and purchase your ticket to meet her in person at Readers & ‘ritas!

Pitch us your newest book in one sentence.

In THE SEA KING, love wars with duty when a gorgeous, sea-mage prince sent to woo and wed a powerful weathermage princess finds himself inexplicably drawn to the weakest of three magical sisters, a woman whose secret, true magic is a legendary power that shocks them all, but when pirates steal away the three princesses, Dilys must race against time and draw upon all the vast power of the oceans to rescue his beloved.

If you could meet one of your characters in real life, who would you choose and what would you do?

I’d probably choose to meet Rain Tairen Soul and go flying on tairen-back and visit the Fading Lands, especially the gorgeous white and gold city, Dharsa (the Fey capital), the enchanting woodland city Elverial, and the ivory towers of Kreppes…and maybe pay a visit to his neighbors the Elves as well.

What gets your creative juices flowing when you’re brainstorming a new story? 

Reading fantasy romance and watching Lord of the Rings (Peter Jackson’s movies) always makes me hunger to write more fantasy romance. But I also love getting together with my brainstorming buddies, the Starfish Club (Christine Feehan, Sheila English, Karen Rose, Brian Feehan, and Kathie Firzlaff) to laugh and brainstorm and plot away. It’s the highlight of my year.

Which part of Readers & ‘ritas are you most excited about?

I had such a wonderful time here last year. I’ve really been looking forward to coming back. I’m super excited about getting to spend more time with people who love romance novels as much as I do. Because I can laugh and talk romance all day long.

We’re all romantics here, so we need to know—what is your all-time favorite love story?

This is such an impossible question, because no truly avid reader has just one favorite story. One of my favorite love stories of all times is LORD OF SCOUNDRELS, by Loretta Chase, because I adore the battle of wits, lusts, and love. Another of my more recent faves is the Hidden Legacy series, by Ilona Andrews, because I love how Conner and Nevada go from adversaries to partners to a couple completely and unalterably devoted to one another. (Same with their magnificent Kate Daniels series – brilliant!)  Another romance that will forever be one of my favorites is MARRYING MR. WINTERBOURNE, by Lisa Kleypas (and the Helen/Rhys scenes in COLD HEARTED RAKE before that), because the absolute adoration Rhys feels towards Helen and the depth of her love for him is the reason I read romance.


You can meet C.L. Wilson and more fabulous authors at Readers & ‘ritas this November! Readers & ‘ritas is a weekend getaway for book-loving ladies like you. Our guests of honor this year are Christine FeehanC.L. Wilson, Lori Foster, and Nancy Naigle! Join us at the newly renovated Hilton Garden Inn in Allen, Texas, November 9-11 for:

  • A private signing with all of our authors
  • Delicious meals with an author host at every table
  • A scavenger hunt and parties hosted by our authors
  • Panels and conversations with our Guests of Honor
  • A film screening and gaming parlor
  • Raffle baskets benefiting Genesis Women’s Shelter
  • Signature bags stuffed with free books and swag!

Visit our events website to find all the details and purchase your ticket.

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