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Meet JoAnna Grace at Readers & ‘ritas!

November 8, 2018

As part of our countdown to Readers & ‘ritas 2018, our Meet the Author interviews help you get to know the authors joining us in Texas on November 9-11. Read on to get acquainted with JoAnna Grace, and purchase your ticket to meet her in person at Readers & ‘ritas!

Pitch us your newest book in one sentence. Be sure to include the book title.

DIVIDED WE FALL leads readers deep into the dark, tortured mind of Tyrone, a leopard shape-shifter, as he battles the beast within to conquer his surrounding enemies.

If you could meet one of your characters in real life, who would you choose and what would you do?

I would love to meet Amilynn from The Blake Pride series. We could spend a day at the gun range letting her teach some mad skills. Then hop on out to the dance floor and have some fun. And, honestly, I would love to pet a leopard without fear of being catnip. LOL. Ryse, from Divine Chronicles is a close second…and I would make Avery not like me very much.

What gets your creative juices flowing when you’re brainstorming a new story?

Reading, music, or travel! It amazes me how reading a book in a random genre (other than what I want to write) can evoke the exact emotional connection I need with my characters. I often hear a song that moves me and it gives me a story line to work with. Music is so powerful like that! Of course, who couldn’t be inspired by seeing new things? We all need to get out of our natural habitats (a.k.a. the desk) from time to time and see what the world has to offer. I recently returned from a 9-day trip to the Pacific North West, and I am overflowing with new story ideas, most of which have nothing to do with where I visited and everything to do with how I felt when I was there.

Which part of Readers & ‘ritas are you most excited about?

Connecting with other authors and readers at the parties. We always have a blast, and it’s nice to see people laughing and having a great time all in the name of books. Since it’s a full weekend, there’s no rush to bombard readers with your books like a typical event. We can all get to know each other and become friends.

We’re all romantics here, so we need to know—what is your all-time favorite love story?

The very first love story I ever read: Cinderella. To this day, it reminds me that being kind and humble, getting my hands dirty, and being genuine will always lead to happiness in love or life or both. And who doesn’t love a man who brings back your shoes??? Hello!

You can meet JoAnna Grace and more fabulous authors at Readers & ‘ritas this November! Readers & ‘ritas is a weekend getaway for book-loving ladies like you. Our guests of honor this year are Christine FeehanC.L. Wilson, Lori Foster, and Nancy Naigle! Join us at the newly renovated Hilton Garden Inn in Allen, Texas, November 9-11 for:

  • A private signing with all of our authors
  • Delicious meals with an author host at every table
  • A scavenger hunt and parties hosted by our authors
  • Panels and conversations with our Guests of Honor
  • A film screening and gaming parlor
  • Raffle baskets benefiting Genesis Women’s Shelter
  • Signature bags stuffed with free books and swag!

Visit our events website to find all the details and purchase your ticket.

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