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Meet the Author: N.M. Brott

January 29, 2018

Being that I was a shy child, I’d always escaped into books to soothe myself after experiencing a socially awkward or painful situation. As I grew older, I often fantasized different outcomes for such situations, such as smart remarks I could have said (the first of many rewrites). I loved writing letters to relatives overseas and thought myself quite good at it. But writing actual stories didn’t occur to me until I’d read the book Women Who Run with the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. As if a creative dam had broken, after I’d finished the book, I awoke the next morning from a vivid dream, went to my computer, and began to write a story.

At first, writing stories was just a creative outlet. While I knew I needed to learn more about the craft of writing, I finally dared to have someone else read what I’d written. From the positive feedback, I felt encouraged enough to keep at it.

After I had a dream about a man who appeared to be made from plant materials, I wrote a few paragraphs of my impressions. Then I went back to the story I’d been writing at the time and forgot about him. A few years passed before I found the paragraphs again during a switch to a new computer. His description intrigued me so much, I simply had to learn his story and ended up writing DISCOVERING THE WOODSMAN.

About N.M. Brott

N.M. Brott

I’ve been writing fiction off and on for over twenty years. It’s only since my daughter went off to college and left me with more free time that I’ve gotten serious about trying to get published. I’m lucky to have a very supportive husband who feeds my addictions: books, red wine, and chocolate. We also have a son who is (finally) a college student as well. Our remaining two stay-at-homes are our adopted dogs, Chet and Nellie. We make our home in a northwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois.



The Evgenia Trilogy #1

Discovering the Woodsman

Discovering the Woodsman is Book One in a trilogy of high fantasy romances. It takes place in a beautiful kingdom called Evgenia, the richest out of nine kingdoms on an unnamed island. Due to its natural fortress of sheer black mountains, Evgenia is also the most peaceable, and thus, the most desired to live in.

The secrets of magic have been lost for over a hundred years, but rumors of mysterious creatures created by magic still survive. This story tells of Lady Heather, a young noblewoman who is the royal princess’s best friend, and whose headstrong nature impels her to discover whether the creatures known as Woodsmen truly exist outside of the fairy tales she adored as a child.

She is thrilled when she meets Jasper—a handsome Woodsman with deep blue eyes, wild grass-colored hair, and a cocky smile. He is equally attracted to her, but frustrated that she only wishes to be friends. Every maiden not needing a healing potion has always asked him for a kiss, and once kissed, all requested him to become their lover. Nevertheless, he can’t resist Lady Heather’s desire to learn more about his kind and the secrets of the forest he inhabits. His patience is rewarded when their friendship deepens. But when faced with the choice of loyalty or love, which will they choose?

Fantasy Historical | Romance Historical | Romance Paranormal [Author Self-Published, On Sale: January 18, 2018, e-Book, ISBN: 9781973544647 / ]

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