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Meet Tracy Wolff at Readers & ‘ritas in November!

October 9, 2017

As part of our countdown to Readers & ‘ritas 2017, our Meet the
Author interview series helps you get to know the authors joining us in
Texas on November 10-12. Read on to get acquainted with
New York Times bestselling author Tracy Wolff, and purchase your tickets to meet her in person at Readers &

What book made you fall in love with the genre you write?

The first romance I ever read: The Velvet Promise by Jude Deveraux. My  mom gave it to me the summer before sixth grade because we’d been to the bookstore and I’d read everything in the YA and classics sections and was totally depressed I wouldn’t have anything to read. I read it in one night, then read the next three books in the series that same week. Then I turned around and read them again. And again. And again. It was totally love at first read.

If a movie were made of your most recent book, who would you cast in
the lead and why?

My most recent book is ROYAL PAIN, the story of a prince (the spare) who has suddenly become the heir and the free-spirited woman he falls in love with. For Kian, I would totally cast Ryan Gosling, and for Savvy, I’d go with Emma Stone—partly because I ADORE their chemistry together and partly because I think Ryan Gosling would make a kick-ass reluctant prince!!!

What was the first story you ever wrote?

I don’t think it had a title. I was in second grade and stuck in the back of my parents’ car while they went into the bank to apply for a car loan (this was back in the days when you didn’t have to worry about leaving your kid in the car—and in San Francisco, where it was totally cool enough to do so). I finished reading my Judy Blume book and was bored, so I picked up a notebook and an aqua marker (all I had to write with) and wrote a fifteen-page story about a princess (of course), a rainbow, and the leprechaun she falls in love with . . .

If you could change the ending to any famous book, TV show, or
movie, what would it be and how would you rewrite it? (Spoiler alert!)

One Day. Absolutely One Day. She would NOT get hit by a bus just as he finally got his shit together. No freaking way.

What is your favorite part of meeting your readers (and new

I love people—love hearing their stories, love listening to them talk about whatever interests them and makes them happy. So talking to my readers and picking their brains about whatever we’re talking about is totally my favorite part! I especially love talking books. I always, always discover  a new-to-me author, and what’s not to love about that?


You can meet Tracy Wolff and more fabulous authors at Readers & ‘ritas this November! Readers & ‘ritas is
a weekend getaway for book-loving ladies like you. Our guests of honor this
year are Sherrilyn KenyonMarie Bostwick, and Cathy Maxwell! Join us at the Hilton Garden Inn in Allen,
Texas, November 10-12 for:

  • A private signing with all of our authors
  • Raffle baskets benefiting Genesis Women’s Shelter
  • Panels and discussions in the author lounge
  • Signature bags stuffed with free books and swag
  • The Annual Fresh Fiction Awards and after party with a gaming
  • Delicious meals with an author host at every table!

Visit our events website to find all the details and purchase
your ticket.

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