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Michelle Monkou | Inviting Classic Romance Characters To A Reunion

October 23, 2008

My 25th high school reunion came and went. Out of all the reunions, I’ve only attended one. It was great to see people who had been a major part of my growth as a young adult. I have to be honest. There were those who caused me to inwardly cringe because they were the loud mouths, bullies, or obnoxious jerks to a large school population.

Thankfully for the most part, I had a chance to connect with many who were my friends. Would love to say that we kept in touch, but that never happened after high school, and it didn’t happen after the reunion.

Reality hit hard, though, with the deaths of several people I knew. One particular friend passed after the high school reunion where we both promised to stay connected. Her diagnosis of colon cancer came within a few short months of her passing. And the feeling of invincibility was made vulnerable.

Yet, I’m still glad that there are a hearty bunch of volunteers who put together these high school reunions. No one expected that I would be a romance writer. I had aspirations to be a Broadway dancer and choreographer. From the time that I was seven years old, I danced and trained and dreamed. But as a hobby, I was an avid reader. And if there is an extreme form of being a bookaholic, I had it.

I curled up with many books, falling in love with the characters. I literally grew up with these books from the early ‘80s to the present. Stories stayed in my heart to the last page and beyond, in my imagination. Before there was the trend of sequels and series, I created my own continuation of those stories and characters. These were the keepers.

If you could schedule a reunion, of sorts, which characters (or books) would you invite to see where they are now?

Michelle Monkou

Celebrate my 10th Book

Gamble On Love; Kimani Romance; Oct. ‘08

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