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MISHAPS by Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons

May 4, 2016

I’ve had a few mishaps lately. Nothing serious, but annoying. I hurt my wrist, requiring it to be in a sling.
broken-wristAnd then I chipped a front tooth. No picture for that because I really hate looking at my mouth right now. Anyway, guess how these injuries happened.

  1. I was defending the world from evil aliens. After leaping over the nearest baddy, I used my tablet to knock the worst alien unconscious. Sadly,the impact of breaking his skull shattered my tablet, my current manuscript, and my wrist.
  2. Aliens did it to me in my sleep. Yup, I just woke up one day and there was a huge bump on my wrist.
  3. Racquetball—I stepped too close to my opponent and his racquet slammed into my wrist. Totally his fault!
  4. Racquetball – I stepped too close to my opponent and his racquet slammed into my wrist. Totally MY fault!
  5. Carpal tunnel from writing so much, so fast. I’m an author on fire!

Answer: D – I really wish I’d been fighting aliens or writing so fast that my wrist exploded. Sadly, the truth is that I was playing racquetball, inched too close to my opponent, and got whacked. And yes—big sigh—it was totally my fault. The good news is that the splint is off. No broken anything, just a swollen bump that looks gnarly. On the upside, it’s my non-dominant hand, so I can still play racquetball!

Next guess how I broke my tooth.

  1. I was defending the world from evil aliens and got whacked in the mouth.
  2. Another racquetball injury. Whacked myself in the mouth with my own racquet. #NotMyBestMove
  3. I was goofing around with my daughters. See how pretty they are, how professional? Obviously they take after me. Seconds after taking this picture, I walked into a pole and broke a tooth.
  4. Desperate for chocolate, I bit into a half frozen brownie. Crunch
  5. I was really getting into a scene I was writing and bit into my keyboard thinking it was a brownie.

Answer: D – I really wish I’d been defending my world from evil aliens, but sadly, no evil aliens have presented themselves for destruction. And despite my wrist injury, racquetball was not the culprit this time. Nor was it a badly placed pole, door, or keyboard. Nope. I was desperate for chocolate and wouldn’t wait long enough to defrost it. *sigh*

So now it’s your turn. Any mishaps lately? Leave a comment and you could win a copy of my first four Bridal Favors novels! And don’t forget to pre-order my latest book: As Rich as a Rogue coming August 2.

As Rich as a Rogue

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