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Naima Simone | What the &%#@! Did You Just Say?!

May 3, 2014

Naima SimoneSECRETS AND SINS: RAPHAELCan I just say this and you not think bad about me? I love to curse. Have ever since I was younger and would giggle when my very proper grandmother would lob the F-bomb when someone just really got on her nerves. She would deny it, but I learned the art form of swearing at her knee. She is a true connoisseur.

But out of necessity I had to clean it up. The first time I realized I needed to watch my potty mouth was about eleven years ago. I was sitting in bed reading, and my three year-old son trotted in, jumped up on the bed beside me, and started playing with his Spiderman action figure. About ten minutes go by and then I heard… “S**t!” I jerked my head up, and he was staring over the edge of the bed where he’d dropped his toy. I was shocked. Yeah, of course, hearing his high-pitched baby voice grumble the curse word was surprising. But I was more stunned that he’d used it properly! I didn’t even have to ask myself where he got it from. This girl, right here. So, from that night forward, I made the conscious decision to watch my language.

But I make up for it in my books.

Another confession? I love heroes who aren’t afraid to turn the air blue. Those heroes are usually very Alpha, a little rough around the edges, raw, and sex-aay! Secrets and Sins: Raphael, my newest romantic suspense from Entangled Publishing’s Ignite line, features Raphael Marcel, a hero exactly like the one I described. He’s pierced, tattooed, owns his weight in graphic tees and hoodies, and has a mouth that would keep Dial soap stockholders in money for years to come. He’s a real BAMF. He’s also an expert security specialist, a techy, and brilliant. So I started thinking…what are Rafe’s favorite curse words? The man is very colorful when it comes to swearing, lemme tell you! Or better yet, I’ll let him tell you…

Raphael Marcel: So I was asked to list my favorite curses. Not a problem. I’ve been asked dumber things, believe me. I’ve heard people say when a person curses they lack vocabulary. I beg to differ, it takes a creative, brilliant mind to come up with imaginative uses and combinations of the same old words.


1. Motherf***er. This is my all time favorite. And you brainiac, language arts people should appreciate this. Motherf***er is extremely versatile. It can be a noun, adjective or verb. Even an adverb if you’re real inventive.

2. S**t. What can I say? It’s just a fun curse. Not to mention it’s the one with the most acronyms and sayings attached to it. Sugar Honey Ice Tea. Sheeeeeeet. Or my personal favorite: Up an unsanitary tributary without sufficient means of locomotion. AKA Up s**t’s creak without a paddle. Who wouldn’t appreciate that??

3. D**n. It’s a classic. And in the Bible.

4. Bastard. I personally love this one because technically, it’s not a curse. It’s a fact. A condition. A state of birth. I really enjoy the irony of it.

5. F**k. I appreciate the power of this one. Say this in a crowded room and see if you don’t have everyone’s attention real fast. Besides, there’s something about a good, carefully lobbed F-bomb that just spices up a sentence, know what I mean? Also see #1 for the versatility aspect.

Gotta love a thoughtful man, right? *Snicker* SECRETS AND SINS: RAPHAEL is available from Entangled Publishing on April 28th at the special introductory price of .99 cents for a limited time only! I’m giving away a copy of SECRETS AND SINS: GABRIEL and SECRETS AND SINS: MALACHIM, Books #1 and #2 in the Secrets and Sins series, to a lucky commentor. Just tell me your favorite curse. Be liberal with the * marks because I don’t want to be tossed off this site! LOL! Or if you don’t cater to that language, that’s cool! Just say, “hiiii!” J

Thank you to Fresh Fiction for having me on your blog today! MUAH!


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