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October 16, 2006

Flirting with DangerA new start of a week, another stab at a resolution. After all, it’s not a good idea to advocate other people performing chores I’m hesitant to do. So, for fifteen minutes, WITH A CUP OF COFFEE, I’m going to blog. And blog about books I’m reading or interested about.

Had a spot of emergency surgery last week and managed to contract a really nasty chest and lung infection with it. What is it with going to the hospital and all those germs attacking poor defenseless sick people? I mean, really, how rude! Anyway, the thought of a nice hot bath, complete with bubbles and a nice book or two sounded very appealing. Only problem, I’ve got too many hardcover and trade size books — definitely NOT accident resistant — so I settled (what a nice way of putting it) — for a couple of older favorites.

Suzanne Enoch’s first adventure into contemporary. A mistress of the big historical romance, FLIRTING WITH DANGER is her first published trial of the chick lit meets a bit of suspense tome. Set in Palm Beach, based on the lovely classic movie, To Catch a ThiefTo Catch A Thief, FLIRTING WITH DANGER does a switcheroo — the heroine is the jewel thief, the victim aka hero, is the rich handsome lord who she’s robbing. After all, jewels and such belong in museums for the public to see.

Now, I’ve got to admit, I live in Texas. Our museums are small places with small installations and so are, bless me, pretty boring places. I miss the museums of the east. sigh. But anyway, I know for a fact, being a member, and hearing all the background scoop from my museum working daughter, the iceberg part of ANY museum is stuffed away in storage, so I’ve got a basic problem with “art” deserving to be seen by the public and if it belongs to a museum it will be. Usually under funded, the “collections” are stored away and lost in warehousing, never to be seen by anyway. So, if some rich dude wants to have a “collection” on his walls or in a house where at least he, his posh guests and the cleaning crew can see it, more power to him. But I digress.

Don't look down by suzanne enochFLIRTING WITH DANGER was a fast paced, slightly improbable. Okay, very improbable bit of fantasy. But I liked it last year when it came out and it was a perfect fit for a lazy evening in a tub of scented bubbles with warm water gently rocking my bruised and aching body. Everything was fine, we started the first heist, our lovely thief dressed in black rescues the half-naked rich guy and then, I decided to start the whirlpool. Oh, well. Sad to say, FLIRTING WITH DANGER is now a sodden mess — the whirlpool is very efficient, what can I say? And I’ve got to find book two she promised to write — DON’T LOOK DOWN.

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