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Patrice Lyle | My Top 5 Most Beautiful Florida Bird Pictures

May 16, 2016

Living in Florida is fabulous for many reasons, but one major reason I love it is all the beautiful birds I see on area walks. DH (‘Darling Hubby’ for those of you not familiar with the acronym) and I come across the most incredible creatures on every trek. And thanks to my awesome iPhone, I get the best pictures.

  1. Here are three pelicans hanging out!


  2. Here are two White Ibis birds on crab patrol!


  3. Here’s a majestic Great White Heron enjoying a river stroll!


  4. Here’s a Great Blue Heron that strolled past our beach umbrella!


  5. Here’s a Great Blue Heron enjoying a fish breakfast!


  6. And, as a bonus, here’s a cute turtle enjoying a grass lunch! The threatened gopher tortoise is the only native tortoise living east of the Mississippi River, and it’s Florida’s only true tortoise.


What sort of birds or critters do you encounter on walks? What bird or critter pictures have you taken?

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Patrice Lyle

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