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Pics from the GMMC in the "Little Apple"

October 12, 2005

Sorry its taken so long to get my pictures posted, but a dead, possessed (another story), jinxed computer is to blame.

Clockwise: In the peacock blue jacket, Fresh Fiction’s own Tanzey Cutter, Joanna Carl, Patricia Sprinkle, Susan Wittig Albert and Shelly Rubin attending the opening tea of the 2005 Manhattan Mystery Conclave.

Signings were held throughout the day; this is the best pic I got as both Patricia Sprinkle and Lisa Harkrader agreed to pose for me. Shown here with their latest titles respectively, Who Killed the Queen of Clubs? and Airball, My Life in Briefs

This one is during the panel: All About Genres. Seen here (from Right) is moderator Linda Madl,paranormal author included in Trespassing Time, Charlene Newcomb, a Star Wars series author, and C.J. Winters, author of cozy time travel stories set in Kansas and Arkansas.

Another panel: Tapping the Past. Author Warren Bull, one of the Manhattan Mysteries short story winners and Susan Wittig Albert, author of the Beatrix Potter Cottage Tales seen here fielding questions on historical accuracy and rights of document use.

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