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October 13, 2005

A frantic day — the MOTOR was late with technical difficulties, don’t we all share those at times — so I was scrambling to re do my schedule and for those who know me well, it isn’t always a pretty sight! but I digress…

Dogs — cats — pets.

Animals on the other SideLots of books on our companions are being shown this week on the talk shows — first one to catch my fancy was the one by the psychic Sylvia Browne and her son, also, gasp, a psyhic, about pets in the ever-after life. Are they running out of things to write about? Sorry, but it was the first thought that struck. However, having lost a beloved family member in the past year, lordie, it’s been over a year now, I still mist up when I think of Larry. Not only that, I have his photo keeping me company every day in my office. Of course, he does have competition from Lex and Winston, Lex being the pushy jealous type. But what kind of people would read a book about their pets in a spectral life? I don’t know, I just like to think Larry (and Lady and Ling) are off enjoying a laze in the sunlight, eating peanut butter and chasing rabbits.

Getting LuckyThe other pet book GETTING LUCKY was at least about a rescued dog who at the time of publication was still kicking and striding and chomping on the food. Yup, I’m a sucker for the doggie story. And not to dwell on it, but the Katrina stories still make me cry. It would be hard to imagine leaving behind any of our family members — even Tom’s fish. Thank goodness we are not in the situtation to make a choice.

Other doggie book is the one by Gloria Estefan, one of the celebrity children’s books — this one about a bull dog. BTW, she has a bull dog.

Bourbon Street by Leonce GaiterYou’d think that I wasn’t reading anything except pet books, not true, I also finished BOURBON STREET this week. Disturbing but a good read. Definitely set the mood for a cafe au lait and some good beignets. Along with sultry heat, music played on brass and a totally uninhibited evening. A good murder mystery with a few unforseen twists. If you’re looking for a read set in New Orleans, give it a try.

Extremely evocative — takes you back to the late 1950s in the Crescent City. And who can turn down a good mystery?

As for other readings, well, mostly been trying to learn new CSS stuff, enough to make me really dangerous, oh, yeah, and to make the sites better LOL. Homework, I’m afraid. Also finished off a couple of forgettable historical romances — please can’t they publish some more interesting ones? I’m not really into fluff these days, and a really really tangled book out in December from TOR romance that I’m not sure how to classify. It was as I told M, a WTF book!

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