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Plum buzz can last…

June 30, 2005

Last week I read (in one sitting) Evanovich’s 11th Stephanie Plum adventure and while I whined about her bumbling, I secretly enjoyed every word of it. Good news. I’ve found another polish sleuth with another ensemble cast to make my enjoyment carry over into July.

The latest, and second, in Lori Avocato‘s Pauline Sokol series, is The Stiff and the Dead. And it’s a hoot. Pauline, like Stephanie has stumbled into an investigating career. Only she’s not tracking bail jumpers but insurance fraud. This latest case has her falling back on her previous experience as a nurse to track prescription viagra abuse at her uncle’s senior citizen center. She even has a mysterious, elusive and single-named, Jagger, mentor in this investigation business. He appears at the most opportune times and the sexual tingles get her so distracted, she forgets whatever she might be doing. Hhhmmmm….. seem familiar??

Check her out. I think you’ll like her if you’re a fan of Evanovich.

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