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Potter mania

July 18, 2005

Yes, we’ve been bitten by the bug and managed to not only show up for the middle of the night countdown to sales but consumed the latest chapter in the saga of young Mr. Potter’s adventures in school within 24 hours! Well, to be honest, in our household, the mom finished the book, everyone else is waiting for a long car trip to listen to the CDs. Apparently, holding a book of that size is just too much.

So, I’ll just say, we had fun at the Potter party — we started out at a local Tex-Mexican restaurant (we managed to close it down, who knew that Lewisville rolled up the carpets at 10pm on a Friday night for pity sakes!), then moved on to the local Waldenbooks at the mall. It’s always fun to walk in after the mall is closed, it’s like you’re doing something “wrong!” The guards directed us to the store and we checked our names off the reserve list and got our line numbers. Then we joined in the festivities.

Picking up my free Capri Sun, a delicacy I haven’t had since my kids were in grade school, I still can’t get the straw in the right place without piercing the whole package. Thankfully, my son took pity on my struggles and fixed me. Just like the good old days. So with drink and small bag of popcorn I was ready to shop for books — in case I missed something in the two days since I’d been to a bookstore — and observed the other Potter fans.

Amongst the costumed attendees, an imaginative fan group brought along their computer so they could watch the Scholastic countdown for Central Texas and let everyone know how close we were to the sales period. Unfortunately for them, the important clock was housed in the register’s computer terminal and it was off by several minutes, but it was fun to watch them get all excited.

The hat making table was always crowded but that didn’t deter Tracy and Mindy from making a beautiful chapeau for our Miss Gwen, volunteering at the fairy painting table. Personally, I’m glad they didn’t give her anything dangerous to help with — her experience with glue and paint has been disastrous in the past. A mother must be honest! But crayons and paper punchouts were good occupation. And Kelley and Tracy made outstanding masks as well. A little scary, but outstanding nonetheless.

The menfolk managed to find books, magazines or volunteer positions to fill their time. A discovery of David Sedaris’s hysterical ME TALK PRETTY SOMEDAY kept Alan in stitches — I was worried he fall off the bench at one point. And Ken masterfully managed to take control of the sign-in table after Judy left to help with the door prizes.

Then the cartons of books, audios, and CDs were carted out from their place of security and placed strategically behind the cash wrap, the crowd surged forward and we queued up ready to spend our money on what was OUR event of the summer!

So, we got the goodies, had our pictures taken and said our sad farewells. We were off to either sleep or start the exciting read — HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE!

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