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RaeAnne Thayne | Inspiration Through Difficulties

April 4, 2012

RaeAnne ThayneWOODROSE MOUNTAINSomebody asked me the other day in an interview why so many of my characters have suffered something horrible. Wow. Gut check! I looked through my backlist of forty books and realized I do write a great deal about people who have been through rough times. The loss of a spouse, infertility, the loss of a child, a terrible accident. Hmmm. Definitely a pattern there!

As I dug a little deeper, it wasn’t so surprising. I find it inspiring to write about people who have faced difficult things and yet have still managed to overcome, to move forward with their lives and still find joy again.

I suppose I am heartened by the many examples in my own life of friends and family who manage to face hard times with grace and dignity and come through to the other side with a beautiful strength. One of my favorite songs is sung by Martina McBride. The chorus has a great message that rings more true every time I hear it: “Love’s the only house big enough for all the pain in the world.”

Like my characters, nobody gets through this world without suffering pain of some kind. But I find great solace when I write about (and read about!) people who have faced tough times and emerge from them a different, stronger person — and who somehow find the daring to open their lives and their hearts to love.

In my latest book, WOODROSE MOUNTAIN, my town of Hope’s Crossing is still reeling from a terrible accident that killed one teen and severely injured another, Taryn Thorne. Taryn’s father Brodie will do anything he can to give his daughter the best chance at a normal life — and he believes Evie Blanchard is his last hope. Evie doesn’t want to be dragged into the problems of Taryn or Brodie. The former pediatric physical therapist has her own scars and is convinced she’s found peace and contentment with her life working at the bead store in town — but when Evie overcomes her reluctance and begins to let both Brodie and Taryn into her life, she finds her own heart begin to mend.

To me, it’s a story of courage and resilience and of healing. And, of course, love.

Blackberry Summer
Hope’s Crossing
June 2011
Woodrose Mountain
Hope’s Crossing
April 2012
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A Cold Creek Reunion
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April 2012

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