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Rie Sheridan Rose | Write What You Want To Know

October 7, 2009

RIE SHERIDANTHE BLOOD THAT BINDSI was sitting here thinking, trying to decide what wisdom I wanted to impart in this blog. I finally decided that there is a bit of advice that more experienced writers are always giving to budding authors trying to break into the business. You’ve probably heard it already. “Write what you know.” I think-particularly in these days of internet access-that this needs to be revised. I think the advice now should be “write what you want to know”-particularly if you write in the speculative genres.

To me, there’s always been a problem with “write what you know.” It’s so limiting. I have always considered myself fairly educated, but if I stuck to only the things that I have direct knowledge of, I would never have written any of the novels I’ve had published. I’ve never seen a dragon, met an elf, traveled to fairyland, or played a lute. But I can imagine them. I can, in other words, “speculate” about what would happen if I were to do any of those things.

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