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Roz Lee | Dance Like No One is Watching

August 18, 2011

Roz LeeLOVE ME TWICEI have two left feet. And no rhythm. What does that mean? For one, I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time, and for sure, I can’t dance. Believe me — I’ve tried. Isn’t going to happen. I’m so uncoordinated I can’t even keep up with a workout video, even the ones that aren’t dance related. Zumba? Forget it. This is also the reason I didn’t make even the Pep Squad in high school. I just couldn’t shake all the different things that needed shaking at the same time — not without causing serious harm to those around me. I know. It’s sad. However, I’ve learned to live with my physical limitations and don’t think I’m missing that much. You’ve heard the saying, ‘Dance like no one’s watching.’ Well, what can I say? That’s the only way I dance! So, if you come by my house and the music is turned up loud, don’t peek in the window. You really don’t want to see it. Really.

One of the advantages of being a writer is I get to live vicariously through my characters. In the third book in my Lothario series, LOVE ME TWICE, I had my characters Tango. Poor Sean isn’t much of a dancer (must take after me), but he can Tango. After all, it’s only five steps, repeated over and over. His partner in the Tango, Celeste, has chosen the dance as platform for negotiations between herself and Sean. I couldn’t help hearing the music in my head as I wrote the scene. The strong piano chords, and the sensual violins, emphasized the emotional turmoil between these two people as they strode across the dance floor, switching leads as they worked out the terms of their relationship.

Here’s a little excerpt from that scene. Can you hear the music in your head?

“Condition Three — I want kids. Three.”

She turned her back to his chest, wrapped one arm over his shoulder, and cupped the back of his neck in her palm. God, the woman could seduce a monk. Electricity skittered along his spine from the point of contact with her fingers, to her sweet ass pressed against his groin. He found it hard to think.

Sean held her close with one hand splayed low on her abdomen, and stroked the fingers of his other hand from her wrist, along her arm, past her breasts to her hip. Her shiver encouraged him. She was as affected as he was by the sensual game they were playing. He bent his head, brushed his lips against the pulse in her neck.

“One,” he counter-offered.

She did something with her feet, and before he knew it, she was face to face with him. She flattened one small hand against his chest and pressed the collar into his skin.

“Two.” Like a true negotiator, she countered without passion, but the pressure of her hand on his chest propelled him backwards. He considered arguing further, if it would keep her hands on him.

“Done.” He’d give her a whole goddamned baseball team if she wanted, but she didn’t have to know that, not yet anyway. They could renegotiate pregnancies later, preferably in bed. He was smart enough to know this wasn’t about the numbers, but the principal. An image of Celeste, round with his child, made his already stiff erection go hard as steel. If he wasn’t inside her soon, he’d die. “Is that all?”

One sinful leg slid through the slit in her dress and caught his thigh in a stranglehold. He wrapped one arm around her waist, and the other slid from her ankle to her thigh, where it came to rest, anchoring her to him. He drug her across the floor like a caveman bringing home his woman. Celeste wrapped her arms around him and pressed her cheek to his shoulder. Ahh. Surrender? He should have known better. She used her position to spin him around and bring him to his knees.

Leave a comment to be entered to win a free download of LOVE ME TWICE. Are you one of the lucky people born with rhythm, or are you as uncoordinated as me?

About the Author

Roz Lee is the author of a series of erotic romances set on a the fictional cruise ship, the Lothario, aka THE LUST BOAT where anything goes! Roz has been married to her high school sweetheart for thirty-two years and is the proud mother of two grown daughters, both in grad school. She divides her time between her home in rural New Jersey, and Los Angeles, where her husband works. She’s never without her laptop and prefers to write with her Labrador Retriever, Betty Boop, by her side. Roz admits she’s addicted to Facebook, chocolate, and travel, not necessarily in that order.

When she’s not clicking the computer keys, she’s either on the road, looking for a new adventure or at the gym, where she claims some of her best ideas come to her while she’s on the elliptical. She confesses some of that has to do with the hot, sweaty men to be found there too, but don’t tell her husband. He thinks she goes there to stay in shape!

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