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September 12, 2010

So yesterday Sara talked about the birthday party she attended. I was lucky enough to attend the same party, and while we didn’t talk books we did discuss our phones. We talked about the pros and cons of the latest ones available, and some nice man let me touch his Iphone4. (In case you don’t know I usually have a case of new tech gadget lust.)

I did share with a coupe of my friends that for my birthday last month I bought a new generation Kindle. It arrived yesterday, but due to a Dr. appointment, the party, and my early to bed tendencies I could only get it unpacked and charging. I did manage to also sneak in some time to buy one book. I bought Just One Taste by Louisa Edwards because she’s going to be the guest at our book club dinner this week. Unfortunately I won’t get it read in time, but I did read and enjoy her debut book, Can’t Stand The Heat.

Speaking of Louisa…did you realize you could meet her in person (along with me, and I just know that you’re dying to meet me!) at readers’n’ritas being held in the Dallas Ft. Worth area November 12-14?

The readers’n’rita committee has been working hard to bring a conference to attendees that focuses on readers, and allows plenty of time to get intimate with not only Louisa but many other authors. I personally am looking forward to the opportunity to meet Julie Kenner, spend some more time with authors I’ve previously met like Lauren Willig, Tara Taylor Quinn, and many others!

Are you planning on attending a conference in the near future? If so which one? If not then you really need to think about the awesome deal that readers’n’ritas is. We’re going to have so much fun! We’d love to see you there. Oh…besides meeting me who else would you like to meet?

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