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Sandi Shilhanek | Dining With Authors

March 29, 2009

In my little corner or the world this past week was quite exciting. I had the chance to not only meet but to have dinner with the entertaining author Lisa Lutz. I got books signed for several of my friends, and managed not to forget one for myself.

Saturday my friend Yvonne arrived from England, and her visits are always a pleasure, and while we do many varied things we always hit the bookstores;

To help welcome her to Dallas in a way that was more special than how I usually welcome her which is take her home and say now what I took her to dinner with the ever delightful Dakota Cassidy and some friends. While paranormal romance might not be my preferred genre I do read selected ones. So when a box from Amazon arrived on my doorstep I had to open it and see what Yvonne was ordering to be picked up when she arrived. The contents…the three current releases from Dakota Cassidy’s Accidental Series. The explanation…Yvonne said, “I’m meeting the author I’m going to buy her books so I can have them signed, and then read them.” I’m taking this comment to mean that Yvonne’s descent to the paranormal side or romance has begun.

So, now back to the bookstore visits, I believe that both Yvonne and I could use some recommendations for adding to our TBR piles. The preferences are for contemporary romantic suspense and biographies, but needless to say all recommendations are more than appreciated. Who knows you might find one yelling your name from another comment as well.

Until next week I wish you happy page turning


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