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Sandi Shilhanek | Readers’n’Ritas

October 19, 2008

Have you ever attended an event that while you were looking forward to the event you were a bit nervous about what would happen while you were there, and would it be an enjoyable time for all? That’s how I felt going into last weekend and the Readers’n’Ritas event.

On Friday as the committee was putting the finishing touches on goodie bags we received a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love who were in town for both Readers’n’Ritas and another event the same weekend had no dinner plans, and would love to have dinner with the committee. Wow! What an opportunity for true Kenyon/Love fans of which I really wasn’t.

Dinner was at a fabulous place near my home, and to which I had never been. Now I’m wondering how I can get my family back there once again, but I digress. Having the chance to sit and chat almost one on one with these two wonderful ladies and hearing their stories of writing success has me thinking zillions of fans can’t be wrong! What am I missing by not having these authors in my collection?

The Readers’n’Ritas event gave me the opportunity to not only get to know these authors better, but also to gain some insight into the personal lives of several other authors. While there are too many to mention, the one who stands out for me the most is Lauren Willig, an author who writes historical romances another genre I don’t normally read. Once again in having the chance to chat with her about life, and the writing world from her point of view I’m thinking so all my friends who rave about her definitely know something that I don’t and that I should add this author to my shelves as well.

I really could go on and on about how Readers’n’Ritas went, but I have to go now…I have book shopping to do, and then once all those lovely books are mine I have reading to indulge in! One last thought though…who was the last author you decided to pick up and read because of having met them, or having heard something that so touched you you just had to support the author?


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