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Sandi Shilhanek | Reading Slump

November 9, 2008

Over the course of the last few weeks we’ve discussed many different things, and hopefully they’ve been as entertaining for you as they have been for me, but what’s on my mind this week might be a tad depressing.

At the beginning of a new month my yahoo groups discuss what they read the previous month, and what new books they’re anticipating during the current month. It’s one of my favorite times to see what books I might have missed out on, and what books I might not be aware are coming.

For October I only read four books. To me that’s a tad depressing. I know I can read more than that. Why didn’t I? The only thing I know for sure about that is that you don’t know because you’re not me, and weren’t there for my various moods, real life moments, and perhaps poor book choices. Do four books when I can read perhaps as many as 10 in a month constitute a slump?
Of course I want you to say no…four books is great you’re not in a slump. I only read three books, so you did one better than me, but realistically that’s not going to happen, so I’ll probably have to suck it up and admit to being in something of a slump. Now to figure out how to get out of it!

Here’s where I’m open to suggestions…what do you consider to be a reading slump? What do you do if you find yourself in one, how do you get out of it? Maybe the four new books I bought this afternoon will bring me out of mine…who knows, but I’m off to explore the shelves to see which book is going to be the slump breaker for me!

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