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Stephanie Julian | A Writer’s List of Thanks

November 10, 2008

Since November is the month when we give thanks for being lucky enough to live in our great country—and since I figure I’ve given enough tax dollars to the government to say thanks for the next fifty years—I thought I’d list all those things that we, as writers, should be thankful for every day.

Ergonomic chairs. Pretty self-explanatory.

Agents. The first line of defense in any writer’s arsenal against rejection. It’s not that you don’t get rejections, it’s just that she gets them first. Yes, they still sting but having someone who believes in you makes it all a little better.

Writing buddies. Knowing I can call them, day or night and bitch about my uncooperative muse makes me breathe easier.

Call waiting. Don’t recognize the number? Ignore. Recognize the number as your mother-in-law’s? See response to first question.

Cattle prods. For those days when the kids demand to know why they don’t have any clean underwear and what exactly you did all day if you didn’t do wash.

Tazers. For the husband on vacation (or retirement) who walks into your office as you’re furiously typing away, leans on the door and says, “So, what are you doing?”

And the thing I’m most grateful for as a writer? Junior Mints. Decadent little discs of dark chocolate and mint. Nectar of the Gods.

I went through several (okay, more like too many) boxes as I wrote the fourth installment of my Magical Seduction series from Ellora’s Cave. SEDUCED AND ENCHANTED is my own take on the Sleeping Beauty story, set in the contemporary world where the descendents of the magical Etruscan race are alive and well and living among us.

Linchetto Rio de Feo has just met the woman of his dreams. Rosie Bianchi is smart, sexy, sweet…and cursed. She’s got an evil dead witch on her tail and a secret even she doesn’t know anything about.

Rosie can’t believe her good luck. The gorgeous guy she just met is Prince Charming material. But after one night of hot sex, Rosie wakes up with magical powers and is thrust into a battle for her life.

Love will need a little help and a little luck, but where there’s an enchanted rose hedge and three godmothers, there’s magic.

Want to read an excerpt? Check out my website at You’ll also find excerpts from the other three books in the series and a whole world of Etruscan magic that you never knew existed.

I love writing about magic in our everyday world and I’m thankful that others are enjoying my series as well.

What are you thankful for?

Stephanie Julian

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