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Sandi Shilhanek | Reliving RWA In My Dreams

August 8, 2010
Sherrilyn Kenyon in lobby

Sherrilyn Kenyon arriving at Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel

When I thought about the blog post this week I really wanted to be bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed detailing the totally wonderful time I had in Orlando at RWA 2010. However, I am sick, and while I understand that it’s a side effect of being worn down from the fun I had, I’m really ready to be over the sick, so I can truly reflect on the fun!

I had the chance to attend RWA due to the generosity of Sara Reyes, and Fresh Fiction. It truly was a wonderful experience, and I would suggest anyone and everyone take the opportunity to attend even if like me you don’t think you want to be an author. Being surrounded by the amazing people of the publishing industry is really inspiring, and I have to admit had me giving a fleeting thought to writing a book. For all you other aspiring authors…your chances are still safe, because I don’t see myself writing a book, and I’m beginning to believe if you can’t visualize it you can’t achieve it.

Sandi and Robyn Carr

Meeting Robyn Carr

There were so many highlights, but two that really stand out was the opportunity to meet Robyn Carr. If you’ve been reading me you know I’m probably the biggest Carr fan ever! When my friend Pat got to meet her first I really thought I would never speak to her again. Luckily for Pat my first encounter with Robyn came just a few hours later, and not a whole day later! It meant our friendship was safe!

Another huge highlight was standing around chatting with a friend I knew from online, and had never met, Debbie. I turned around and Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love were standing behind me. I had the opportunity to introduce Debbie to them for the first time, as I’ve met them several times in my local area. I’m not sure who had the biggest thrill…Debbie for finally meeting two of her favorite authors, or me for being able to know them well enough to introduce them to Debbie!

So even though I’ve been sick I wouldn’t give up a moment of this experience, and am still living the high of it even if my voice is gone, and I can only live it in my dreams, and not actually tell anyone about it!

Until next week happy page turning!

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