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August 9, 2009

Sandi ShilhanekTHE PERFECT COUPLEI’m sure we’ve all had weeks full of ups and downs, because after all isn’t that part of life? This week has been full of them for me, both in my family life, and in my reading life.

I was fortunately enough to read The Perfect Couple and The Perfect Liar by Brenda Novak . I totally enjoyed both books in the series, and was truly satisfied when I had turned the last page. The new trilogy is an extension of last year’s trilogy featuring The Last Stand.

Do not however despair if you have not read last year’s books. This year’s
books are in my opinion totally independent not only of those, but of each
other as well. Previous characters do have cameo appearances, but each story
is written as to truly stand alone quite nicely.

So as you see the books I was able to read were a definite up for me. So, you may ask what did you read or hear that caused a downturn in the reading side of your life. I discovered that two authors I have read and enjoyed will no longer be under contract.

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