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Sandi Shilhanek | Vacation Packing…what’s in your bag?

June 28, 2009

Sandi ShilhanekI have decided that since the mountain won’t come to Mohammed then Mohammed must go to the mountain. Roughly translated this means that since my mom won’t come to Texas to see me I must head to Chicago to see her.

Planning a trip requires a lot of thought and attention to details. First you have to decide a destination (easy for me because if I’m going out of Texas it’s usually to see mom), then you must decide the best time of the year to go, and whether or not your budget can really afford the trip. Let’s not forget about the wardrobe that might be required for your trip, and then packing said wardrobe without making your suitcase exceed the airline weight limits. Last but not least is the hardest decision of all…which books to take and how many of them.

Reading on a KindleBefore I owned an e-reader (I have a Kindle in case you care) I took a book per day of the trip. I didn’t really expect to read them all, but needed to have a variety to choose from because who knew what mood I would be in when I finished one. There was also that slight chance that I could get them all read while I was gone.

Since I now own that Kindle I can take hundreds of books to Chicago with me, and because of the wireless feature and lack of need for a computer should nothing appeal to me Amazon will gladly provide me with a new book for a small fee! My carry on is going to feel extremely light, and in fact might not be truly needed as I don’t plan on taking my computer.

Are you planning on a summer getaway? If so, where are you going? Are you worried over the books to take or are you one of the lucky people who own some type of e-reader and can take a library with you? Regardless of where you go or the books you take I hope you have a safe and fun summer vacation.

Until next week I wish you happy page turning.

Sandi Shilhanek

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