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Sara Reyes | Where Have I Read That Before?

June 27, 2009

Sara Reyes

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Call me old or at least a long-time reader and you’ll be right. And as one I’ve got a few favorite authors that I’ll read anything they jot down including a grocery list which reminds me of a web site a few years ago that collected authors’ grocery lists, hmm, gotta check that one. For charity I think. Anyway, back to me and reading old favored authors.

Have you ever noticed that you’ll be reading a book and need to pause, wondering, “Did I read that in _____?” or perhaps, “hmm, Lydia is just like Joceyln in ______” I’m referring to another book by the same author so don’t get all excited I’ve delving into plagiarism. I leave that to others to root out (don’t be alarmed, my Pennsylvania Dutch has a way of emerging now and again). No, talking about authors who, bless them, have a way of telling the same story over and over.

Sometimes it’s because I’d assume, their publisher wants another hit or at least a known out of them for a ravenous market (that would me!), other times it’s become a job, like every night when I do the dishes, sometimes I forget exactly how I did it, it’s a routine, and perhaps for some authors the stories are all the same or the telling format is. Whatever it is I’ve noticed it more and more recently, as in the past several years, that the stories are the same old same old. And I’m not always happy about it.

That forces me to find newer authors with different characters and different voices to tell me their stories. But that is a lot of work and there are days when I just want a Jayne Ann Krentz or a Loretta Chase or a Mary Balogh or a Lois McMaster Bujold. And sometimes it becomes a disappointment to me when an author has a new book, I’m all agog to read it, even to the point of snatching it out the package when it arrives (oops, perhaps I was a bit violent grabbing but hey I really wanted to read it, I read fast, no one would notice!). Or like my daughter, stalk a store until it is unpacked and placed into her eager hands. Well, she did wait nearly 12 years for that final book in the series.

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