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November 22, 2008

Linda Howard Book club
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Pat saw a tee shirt on — “Not so loud, I had book club last night.” A wine glass on its side was also featured. Some Thursday mornings I do feel that way, especially after a really exciting book club dinner. I’d call it a meeting as in book club meeting, but to be honest, it’s more a wild dinner party.

This week we had new visitors and for a portion of the evening…say until the lasgna made it to the table…we were on our “good” behavior. Then it went down hill or wild after that! All I can say, is good thing our dogs are quiet. They do get petted on the way out the door so I guess that is their reward. Husband and son just hide out. It’s safer that way!

Our food theme was “Italian” but we had to add a Southern twist in honor of our guest, Linda Howard. Not only was it a Southern twist but also a recipe plucked right from one of Linda’s books! Claire’s Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding! And let me tell you, it must have coffee! In fact we completely lost the Italian theme after the main entrees of lasagna and chicken alfredo…the desserts were bountiful: orange-cranberry bread, pumpkin bread, blackberry pie, bread pudding and of course, killer chocolate cake! And coffee! It’s a wonder no one went into a sugar induced coma!

DEATH ANGEL by Linda HowardWe did talk talk talk about Death Angel which for some reason I just want to call DARK ANGEL. I even had a reminder jotted down so I wouldn’t screw it up. We found out the death scene in the middle came from an idea Linda Howard had years ago and finally came together when she got the idea that the hero (not sure he’s all traditional hero material) kills the heroine. If you haven’t read DEATH ANGEL we highly recommend it! Not your usual heroic material for either protagonist, but there is some hot hot scenes! Oh, yeah, and a few twists and turns. Unexpected ones at that! Read it! Our book club urges you!

Since we had Linda Howard on the phone, the conversation did wander off to our favorite books: MR. PERFECT and the MacKenzies. I mean, seriously, who could not wish there were more MacKenzie stories? EVERY ONE!!!! And discussion ran heavy on which one was THE BEST! I think we finally agreed everyone could have their own opinion. Still think Gwen is wrong btw.

After the call we also talked about which was the first Linda Howard we read and loved…versus which one we read and hated. I say, look at it this way, with a Linda Howard book you love or hate but either way you read the whole thing!

Sara Reyes
reporting for DFW Tea Readers
“sheesh it’s only Saturday and I’m still recovering from book club!”

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