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Sandi Shilhanek | Trying a New Author

November 23, 2008

This last Wednesday our book dinner group got together. As always is there any better way to forget the horrors of the day job than by getting together with some of your closest friends to discuss not only the book or author of the night, but also what made the day so horrific.

This time our author of the hour was Linda Howard. Of course who can resist Linda Howard and the chance to visit with her even if it’s over the phone, so we had new members to join our group for dinner. Overall the group tried really hard to be on their best behavior so that the newbies wouldn’t be scared off. I would say that for the most part we were very well behaved, though I can only behave for so long before I just have to blurt something!

O.K. I digress Linda Howard was awesome. How could she not have been? I think it’s really hard to find an author who really appeals to a group as diverse as ours, and if I remember correctly everyone in the group had something they wanted to ask or just tell Linda.

Every time I leave the book dinner I go home inspired to dig through my TBR and see if there’s an unread book by the author who we chatted with. If there is nothing by the author then I have to hit the store and buy the book we discussed.

What inspires you to try a new author or a book by an author you might have read in the past and not been particularly impressed by?


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