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Sara Reyes | Bring on the Book Resolutions….

January 2, 2010

A new year and time to put into effect resolutions. Some resolve to become healthier, happier, successful, or more learned. I’d say knowledgeable but I’m fond of the word “learned.” I think my fascination with the word “learned” began in my childhood when every year my grandmother resolved to read the entire Bible in a year. Yes, that is the childhood I had, but my grandmother had a different spin on the whole-book-in-a-year resolution. We already read the King James version every single day, but she’d come up with a different version or translation so we’d have our normal chapter or two of the KJV then we’d re-read in some other translation. My most memorable year was the year of the “New News for Modern Man” version. I seriously think she argued every single morning trying to reconcile the versions. But it all was in the quest of being “learned.”

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