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Sara Reyes | Out of Order, It’s a Mess!

April 10, 2010

Look, I’m not usually cranky about reading books out of order, but thanks to a reading friend, I’ve discovered Christine Warren‘s world of The Others, and OMG, HELP me figure this out!

It’s not that the books are bad…actually they are quite entertaining, but I’ve been spending SO much time trying to figure out the timeline and how all the stories fit together that it’s absolutely pulling me out of the stories. As I said before this usually doesn’t bug me, but this series is doing a real trip on me.

Back story is…apparently the books were first issued as shorter ebooks and now that Christine has hit the best sellers lists, St. Martin’s Press is having her re-work the shorter ebooks into longer novels. But since I never read her ebooks, the tantalizing snippets of people such as Luc and Corrine, Danice and Mac confuse me. Then I’ve got to know whatever happened to Logan? He shows up in BIG BAD WOLF as such a great secondary character and then just disappears. But they keep mentioning he moved to Connecticut. Huh? It’s really annoying! And what’s with the demons and Fae, are they sticking around or not? And whatever happened to the witches? And who’s on the Council and who’s the guy in charge? The cast of characters in the books keeps changing and so does the timeline. Don’t give me a book as the Others #9 when it’s really the beginning of the timeline. It just kind of messes with my brain too much.

So, anyone else have an opinion on books reworked from earlier versions and then published out of the timeline? Or am I the only crazy reader here?

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