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SANDI SHILHANEK | When Is Enough Enough?

April 11, 2010

Sandi Shilhanek

This past week I made a bit of a discovery about myself. I found that I’m really being drawn to my collection of ebooks, and even when I’m home and able to read my print book I’m picking up my e-reader and reading my ebook.

I had to ask myself if there was a particular reason for that, or I’m just finally embracing newer technology. Well, my friends who know me in my personal life would probably lean towards it being the fact I’m embracing technology, and playing with my e-reader is fun. I on the other hand am thinking that it’s because the print book I’m currently reading just isn’t calling my name.

I have something of a reputation for finishing every book I start, no matter how much I might not be enjoying the book for whatever reason. In fact in the last 2 years I can only think of two books I haven’t finished. One was a print book, and after four days I hadn’t even read one hundred pages, and decided that there was just no way I could push myself any further. The other was a book on my e-reader, so I don’t really know how many pages I had read, but again decided that I just couldn’t force myself.

My current print book I’ve been reading since last Sunday, and I’ll admit to being very distracted as I’ve had some personal issues to deal with this week, but it isn’t grabbing me and I’ve again only read one hundred pages. Is it time to give up?

That’s my question this week…do you give up on a book that isn’t working for you? Do you keep it on the shelf and hope that another time, another mood it will work? How do you decide when it’s time to give it up? Are you more like me and plow on through no matter what? How do you motivate yourself to continue on? I can’t wait for your answers!

Until next week happy page turning!

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One Comment

  • Kathleen O April 11, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    I don't give up on a book until I truly can't take it anymore..A book really has to be bad for me not to read it through.. But I must admit that there have been a few that I have had to turn my back on because I just can't get into them for whatever reason.. But there are those books that I am about to give up on, but then some thing on the next page catches my interest and I am then compeled to read on… And that's when you get a nice surprise..
    I know we hate to admit defeat when reading a book, but that's the way the "pages" turn..