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January 31, 2009

Wow, the end of January and so many more books to read! Do you ever feel that way? That there are so many books out there and so little time to get to all of them? And do you feel really excited when you stumble on a new author or do you feel a wee bit depressed because that means you have to make room in your reading schedule for the new one? I’m always curious to how people manage their “reading.”

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Dying by the sword
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Personally, I read whenever I get a chance or so I thought, but when I look back over my past reading I see patterns or the schema of a reading pattern! Who knew? Maybe it’s this new WW momentum program where I have to write down every thing I eat and how I feel when eating, but I’ve been noticing other things I do including reading. (I’d say ‘such as’ but then as Gwen says so fondly, I sound “Dutchy”)

So, I must read every night before I go to bed. That is just something I have to do. Otherwise my mind races endlessly and I make up stories. I may not finish an entire book — it depends on the time I finally close down for the night but I usually finish shorter ones or get at least half of 400 pager done. Confession Time. I also am a sneak reader. You know a trip to the bathroom lets me get in another 50 pages. Or, I’ll move to another room and by golly there’s a book, may as well pick it up and read a bit. Why not? Right? And then the car, ah the car, another excuse for staying longer in the parking lot before starting a trip or after a trip. I must admit I do NOT read when I’m driving, that is too unsafe for me! But I have been known to just sit in the car and “finish something.”

Right now I’ve discovered two new writers: Sarah D’Almeida, author of the “Musketeers Mysteries,” and Brendan McNally, author of GERMANIA. Both are historical fiction authors and as I’m a history nut it was suggested I give them a try. I’ve read the latest Musketeer book, DYING BY THE SWORD which is number five or six. Now I feel the need to get the rest. Does it help that I still see Michael York as D’Artagnan or does that just age me?

As for GERMANIA, it’s about the three week period of German history after the suicide of Adolf Hitler, a little written about period of time. I found it fascinating although the four brothers were more of a distraction. That whole time of upheaval and war and clashing of the allies is very intriguing. I hope for more novels of that period.

Now, I’m off to a signing at Legacy BooksWilliam Bernhardt, a thriller author. It will be fun! Stop by for the photos and chance to win a copy of his book, Nemesis.

So, as they say on Dorothy-L, where’s YOUR bookmark?

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  • Tonya Renee Callihan January 31, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    Great post, Sara! I can relate to this. I can never catch up on new releases, I have a TBR pile that is huge. I love stumbling onto new authors and new releases, although it does mean more for me to read. But I make sure I read everyday, usually before I go to bed as well.