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Brendan McNally | Twenty-five random things about GERMANIA and the Flensburg Reich
Uncategorized / February 21, 2009

Brendan McNally want people to know 25 things they may not have about the Flensburg Reich — the three weeks after the death of Hitler, a forgotten part of 20th century history. Did you know: at the start of the Flensburg Reich, the Reich territories consisted of Norway, Denmark, pieces of Holland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Russia, Czechoslovakia and Crete. There were THREE surrenders The last German aircraft to fly out of Berlin was flown by a woman pilot named Beate Uhse. She landed in Flensburg and founded a sex toy industry which is still based there. She died in 1999. There’s MORE!!!! Don’t stop here… Click here to read more and be entered in a contest to win a signed copy of GERMANIA Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Sara Reyes | Reading Habits and What’s New for me…
Uncategorized / January 31, 2009

Wow, the end of January and so many more books to read! Do you ever feel that way? That there are so many books out there and so little time to get to all of them? And do you feel really excited when you stumble on a new author or do you feel a wee bit depressed because that means you have to make room in your reading schedule for the new one? I’m always curious to how people manage their “reading.” Buy Your Copy today Buy Your Copy today Buy Your Copy today Personally, I read whenever I get a chance or so I thought, but when I look back over my past reading I see patterns or the schema of a reading pattern! Who knew? Maybe it’s this new WW momentum program where I have to write down every thing I eat and how I feel when eating, but I’ve been noticing other things I do including reading. (I’d say ‘such as’ but then as Gwen says so fondly, I sound “Dutchy”) So, I must read every night before I go to bed. That is just something I have to do. Otherwise my mind races endlessly and I…