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Sara Reyes | Why A Reader Attends a Science Fiction Fantasy Literary Convention (or "Con")

August 15, 2009

Sara Reyes

Some Con Books you should get!:

Fortune and Fate


“Why are you going to xxxCon?” Something I get asked each time I tell my book club I’m going to a con soon. And I’ve been going to these “things” for over 10 years. Before that I went to the media ones with my husband and son who loved the Creature cons with guest stars from all their favorite movies and television shows. I’ve been to Barbie Expos too. That’s where collectors of Barbie dolls get together and show off the dolls (some headless the way Gwen kept hers in the early days) and accessories. It’s always amazing to me what to one person is a collectable and to another is trash.

The answer used to be simple, I’d go because I wanted to find people who liked the same books I did. Not necessarily to talk to them in depth about the books but to find ones I may have been missing. I’m always afraid there is an author out there and gasp, I’ve missed them! They are probably fantastic and will change my life for EVER and because I didn’t know their titles or name I’m missing out. Don’t other readers feel that way sometime? Or am I all alone?

So, I would go to a Con by myself and sit quietly in sessions, some that would bore me beyond tears, some would make me sit up and take notes. And I always found someone or series of books I would have missed. Over the years I’ve learned to figure out which cons were best for a “reader” versus a “writer” and I’d always attend.

Recently there is an upsurge in paranormal romance and urban fantasy at the cons. A welcome, may I say in all honesty, change. I was getting weary of the women-hating fantasy ones. *grin* So if you’re an urban fantasy or paranormal romance reader, get yourself to a local con. Almost all cities, large and small have at least one per year. They’re not expensive either. Don’t be shy you’ll be surprised by the fellow readers you’ll meet and you’ll come home with books to read, suggestions in your notebook and some new friends! Besides, they always have FREE parties at night in rooms and you can practice your social skills. It’s a blast!

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