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Sara Rider | Top 5 Swoon-Worthy & Sexy Neighbors-to-Lovers Romances

September 27, 2018

If you’ve ever lived in an urban or suburban area, you’ve probably experienced a neighbor from hell. For me, living next to a man who likes to play Shaggy’s greatest hits at 3 am wasn’t exactly fun, but it did give me the inspiration to write a neighbors-to-lovers romance.

In Make Me Fall, Nora and Eli are next-door neighbors who don’t exactly get along. His late nights and loud noises from his home reno projects have been driving Nora crazy, even if she appreciates how good he looks while operating his circular saw. For months, the only communication they’ve had is through antagonizing notes left in each other’s mailboxes—until Eli overhears some of Nora’s friends giving her a hard time about being too uptight to get a date. While there’s no love lost between the pair, Eli doesn’t like the way they are talking about Nora and finds himself volunteering to take her out.

If neighbors-to-lovers is one of your favorite tropes, too, I’ve got five more to recommend:

1. The Bad Boy Next Door by Jody Holford: With this book, you get exactly what it says on the tin—a deliciously tropey and sweet romance about Shay who moves in next door to rough-around-the-edges (but secretly super sweet) Wyatt. I adore Holford’s voice. Her blend of low-angst emotion and humor makes her Kendrick Place series the perfect comfort read.

2. Tempted by the Billionaire Next Door by Therese Beharrie: If you want a book that delivers a beautiful gut punch of emotions, this is it. It’s bad enough for Jess to be crushing on her temporary neighbor when he’s her best friend’s billionaire brother, but add in the fact Jess is carrying her best friend’s baby as a surrogate and you’ve got one deliciously angsty book.

3. Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen: This one isn’t truly a romance novel, though there is a satisfying romantic arc between Claire and her new neighbor, Tyler, who shakes up her quiet life with his interest in her. The real star of this story is the hint of magic the author weaves into her books. From the apple tree that can tell your future, to the food sprinkled with flowers from Claire’s garden that has magical effects on those who consume it, this book is utterly enchanting.

4. Serving Pleasure by Alisha Rai: Rai is one of the most talented writers of erotic romance out there, and the scene where Rana spies on her neighbor Micah pleasuring himself is a prime example of why. Richly layered characters, deep emotions, and complex conflicts make this romance between two troubled souls an incredible read.

5. Bad Neighbor by M. O. Keefe: If you like your romance dark and suspenseful, then this intense, erotic story is for you. Charlotte has sold everything to help her sister escape her dangerous ex, and finds herself stuck in a run-down apartment next to a street fighter with his own demons. Not for the faint of heart, this erotic romance is utterly captivating.

MAKE ME FALL by Sara Rider

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Make Me Fall

Enemies make the worst neighbors, but the best lovers.

After losing her job, her home, and her friends in her divorce, Nora Pitts
is determined not to make the same mistakes when she starts over in
the small town of Shadow Creek, Washington. No more toiling away in
the lab at the expense of her social life, and definitely no more men.
Ever. But making friends in her thirties is so much harder than she
anticipated. And when it comes to her gorgeous yet obnoxious
neighbor, it’s a whole lot easier to make enemies.

Eli Hardin doesn’t have a lot of sympathy for his uptight neighbor, until
he overhears her so-called new friends making fun of her un-datable
status. Suddenly he finds himself volunteering for a date with a woman
who’s been leaving angry hate-notes in his mailbox, and in way over his
head. Because all it takes is one disastrous date with Nora for Eli to fall

But falling for Eli isn’t something Nora’s ready for—not when he’s her
complete opposite, and especially not when he turns out to be the best
friend she’s made in Shadow Creek. But as her attraction and her
feelings for Eli grow hotter, resisting him might just lead to heartbreak

Romance Contemporary [Amazon Digital Text Platform, On Sale: September 24, 2018, e-Book, / ]

About Sara Rider

Sara Rider

Sara Rider writes contemporary romances full of heart and heat about strong women and the men who can’t resist them.

Growing up, Sara Rider dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player. When that dream was squashed by her extreme dislike of running, she decided to do the next best thing: write about professional soccer players. By day, Sara spends her time working in the field of research ethics and daydreams about plotlines and character arcs. She spends far too much time at public libraries and never leaves the house without a paperback or an e-reader stuffed into her purse. For the Win is her first novel.


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