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October 1, 2009

Sheila RobertsAngel LaneGood deeds, good lovin’ and good recipes–I thought these sounded like a winning combination for a book, so I incorporated them all into my latest novel, Angel Lane. In the book three girlfriends decide they need to do something to keep the heart in Heart Lake, the small, lakeside town where they live. So they come up with their “Have a Heart” campaign–asking neighbors to commit one random act of kindness every day . . . and then learn that no good deed goes unpunished. Sarah Goodwin, suffering from granddaughter withdrawals after her daughter moves, delivers a coffee cake to the new neighbor only to realize she’s just fed a hungry lounge lizard. (Something her husband does not appreciate!) As if she doesn’t have enough troubles with lover boy, she is also finding the cooking classes she started for some of the town’s little girls to be, well, challenging. Emma Swanson is becoming the town soft touch and slowly running her quilt shop into the ground. And Jamie Moore, who owns the town’s new chocolateria, is fighting feelings for a certain cop who’s developed a sweet tooth. (A fight she’s determined to win now that she’s sworn off men.) What I love about this book is that by the end the three friends learn that the only way to get a better life, a better town, a better world, is to give your heart. I truly believe that.

I also believe that nothing says fun like food. (Okay, there are other things, but that’s such a cute little saying, I’m sticking with it.) I mean, who doesn’t like to eat good food? And who doesn’t enjoy finding a fabulous recipe . . . or at least sampling one. That’s why I included recipes in the book, both from Sarah’s bakery and Jamie’s chocolateria. Creating and testing those recipes was definitely fun. And . . . interesting.

Intrigued? Read the rest and get a recipe…

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