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Shelley Laurenston’s November Releases

October 29, 2013

Although October is typically quiet for me as I work on Dragon #7, November 5th will see the release of my latest Dragon Kin novella, “A Tale of Two Dragons” and the re-release of DRAGON ACTUALLY.

Now just as a reminder, the DRAGON ACTUALLY PRINT re-release is an expanded edition with the PRINT version of “A Tale of Two Dragons” included. There is no other way to get the newest novella IN PRINT unless you buy theDRAGON ACTUALLY re-release with that story included (there’s a new cool cover so you can tell the difference in the store if old copies of DRAGON ACTUALLY are lying around).

But, you may say, I already have the original release of DRAGON ACTUALLYand don’t want to buy it again. No problem! You can get the e-edition of “A Tale of Two Dragons” for your reading pleasure.

Please please PLEASE keep in mind that the e-version of DRAGON ACTUALLYis not a re-release, will NOT be expanded, and will NOT have the newest novella included. That e-version is put out by another publisher. So please remember that when you go a-searching in November.

To help, here’s some links to send you to the right place:


DRAGON ACTUALLY re-release from Amazon.

DRAGON ACTUALLY re-release from Barnes and Noble.


“A Tale of Two Dragons” e-edition from Amazon.

“A Tale of Two Dragons” e-edition from Barnes and Noble.


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