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Spotlight on Cherry Adair

December 28, 2010

Cherry AdairUNDERTOW

UNDERTOW Sets A Dangerous Course Into Unchartered Waters

Hi, I’m delighted to introduce my brand new Cutter Cay series, launching, with a splash, (sorry couldn’t help myself) with Zane “Casanova of the Caribbean” Cutter in UNDERTOW. I fell in love with the youngest Cutter brother the moment I met him. For years Zane has been searching for a little known Dutch frigate blown off course centuries earlier. A ship filled with a wealth of emeralds and gold which he believes sank somewhere in the water’s near his home base in the Caribbean.

Zane is smart enough to know that when he finds the Vrijheid, he doesn’t want anything, or anyone, distracting him. And women, happy-go-lucky, never-make-a-commitment Zane Cutter knows, are always a distraction.

Cutter Cay BrothersBefore starting UNDERTOW – or as I like to think of it – before Zane gave me dictation – I considered throwing a leggy blonde his way. Knowing she’d be a big distraction on the dive. But he adores all blonds, and I knew he’d see through me, so that wasn’t going to work. I considered for a moment introducing a hot redhead, but he likes redheads almost as much as he does blondes.

Teal in UNDERTOWI made several valiant efforts to match Zane with someone intriguing. But every woman I introduced him to he found easy to resist. After all, it was only for a month that he wanted to be celibate so he could focus on his quest.

He was becoming a pain in the ass. I wanted to get to writing his story, and I still didn’t have the imperfect woman for him. Zane loves them all, and for all his charming way, he was having nothing to do with the tall, short, flat or curvy beauties I paraded in front of him.

The youngest Cutter is charismatic, charming, sure of himself, and loves nothing more than being the center of attention.

I searched and I searched, and then – WooHoo! I found the perfect foil for him. Teal Williams. Family friend – vaguely. Antisocial – very. Interested in Zane Cutter? Not in the slightest.

I gave Zane a treasure he had to work unbelievably hard to win, and in the process he was caught in the undertow of true love.

Happy reading,




Teal Williams is content with her career as a ship’s master mechanic—until Zane Cutter, the “Casanova of the Caribbean,” makes her an offer she can’t refuse: to climb on board with him for a real-life treasure hunt. Teal must help him dredge up a shipwrecked vessel containing an abundance of gold, silver, and emeralds—and she’ll claim part of the prize.


Zane needs a mechanic—not a lover—and Teal, who can also dive, is perfect for the job. So it suits him just fine that Teal is completely immune to his charms…or so he tells himself. But with a deadly enemy in their midst—one who’s silently edging closer—Zane and Teal sink into troubled waters. Trapped in the middle of a perilous sea, they have no one to turn to but each other as they face down a danger that runs unfathomably deep—and a passion that runs even deeper…


“Adair leaves readers eager to dive into the next novel in her Cutter Cay series.” –Booklist

“UNDERTOW is the beginning of an exciting and witty new series enriched with fun characters and action-packed drama. I literally could not put it down!” –Fresh Fiction

“Adair returns to her romantic suspense roots with an underwater treasure hunt that is thrilling and hazardous! Nonstop action plays off the treachery and danger. When you add in the sensuous sizzle you have the full Adair package.” –Romantic Times (4 ½ stars)

“Grips readers and never slows down as the protagonists struggle with perils including to their hearts with every nautical mile they sail. Fast-paced, Cherry Adair opens her Cutter Salvage series with a strong sea saga.” –Genre Go Round Reviews


Not content writing one new series, I’m doing two! The CUTTER CAY TRILOGY and THE LODESTONE TRILOGY. The first LODESTONE book is HUSH (May 2011), a wild action adventure set deep in the hot steamy jungle of Venezuelan.

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