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Spotlight on Dakota Cassidy

February 15, 2010

Dakota CassidyACCIDENTALLY DEMONICHey, all! Thanks so much to Fresh Fiction for inviting me to chat a bit about my series!

My series, four books deep and going on five, is based on women who are accidentally bitten and or turned by a shapeshifter. Werewolves, vampires, demons, woo-hoo!

It’s a real paranormal-palooza with yes, I admit, some pretty cagey humor in the mix.

My most recent release, titled ACCIDENTALLY DEMONIC, centers on Casey Schwartz—the sister of the heroine in my last book, and she’s in deep paranormal doo-doo.

Once mild-mannered, quiet and rather easygoing, Casey’s now hot-tempered, cranky and well, *whispers* hormonal as a result of some demon blood accidentally spilled on her via a hunky vampire named Clayton Gunnersson one night in a bar.

Casey’s world and job as a personal assistant to twins of the Paris Hilton variety is turned upside down when she lands in jail for threatening to sacrifice a police officer’s ahem, internal organs.

And things only get worse from there, though Casey has help from her now paranormal sister and her sister’s two paranormal friends, Nina the vampire and Marty the werewolf. They get what she’s going through, they’ve been there—they know how to help.

Unfortunately, they don’t know how to keep Casey from falling wildly in love with the vampire who accidentally turned her—or how to protect Casey from wanting a man she can never have.

Because, you know, he’s already sorta mated and this mate isn’t hip to the idea of giving her man up—ever.

Thus, another accidental tale begins, a tale of with a humorous, slang-filled, in your face slant to it.

In all the one-liners and skimming some serious boundaries jokes, my hope is the adventures I’ve created portray the bond of friendship between women, as wacky and convoluted as the circumstances surrounding them may be. Er, or as wacky and convoluted as the women themselves can be. And yes, in the midst of all the mayhem, there’s a romance, hot and fun, forbidden (eek!), and filled with the revelations and hurdles only two people falling in love can experience.

I so hope you’ll join Marty, Nina, Wanda and now Casey in yet another accidental story of friendship, love, and happily ever after!

~Dakota Cassidy 🙂



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