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Spotlight on Leigh Bridger

October 11, 2009
Leigh Bridger

Leigh Bridger

Soul Catcher
Soul Catcher
Someone’s got to catch Hell. Otherwise, reincarnation will get you killed…again.

Belle Bridge
October 2009
On Sale: October 1, 2009
Featuring: Livia Belane
200 pages
ISBN: 098217568X
EAN: 9780982175682
Trade Size

Ian’s blood seeped from the gashes in his side onto the gray, weathered floor. This time I couldn’t heal him. I could only free him. Outside, in the strangely bright sunshine of a North Carolina morning, things you don’t want to imagine in your worst nightmares tried to rip the building’s big windows out of their aging brick sills.

Downstairs, the broad chestnut doors of the old Asheville Bible printing shop bulged inward as Pig Face slammed it again. The wood began to splinter.

I cocked the pistol. Everything inside me screamed against pointing it at Ian’s heart. I hated his body; I ought to be able to kill that body without caring. But a funny thing had happened on the way to that moment. I’d fallen in love with my husband again.

I knelt over Ian, straddling him. I put both hands on the shaking gun to steady my aim. My tears fell on his blood-stained face.

He managed a rueful smile. “Now, that’s a sight I’ll remember to death and back,” he whispered. He clamped one bloody hand on mine. As always, we shared the choices, the pain, the passage.

We had found each other again, across centuries. Why hesitate on a single sunny day in North Carolina?

“See you later,” I said hoarsely.

I pulled the trigger.

Dark Urban Fantasy
Raw Sex. Violence. Bad Language. Demons.

SOUL CATCHER, my first dark urban fantasy novel, is so different from my well-known women’s fiction books that I’m writing it not as Deborah Smith,, but under the pen name Leigh Bridger,

For fans of my regular books, the good news is that SOUL CATCHER is still very southern (set in Asheville, North Carolina,) and at its heart is a very strong romance plot, albeit one involving reincarnation, murder, and an ending unlike any romance I’ve ever written before. See the video below:

Livia Belane traps demons in her folk-art paintings. She is a legendary soul catcher, a banisher of evil, though she’s just beginning to understand her destiny and its horrible repercussions for her loved ones. For more than two centuries she and her family, including her lost soulmate and partner, Ian Thornton, a soul hunter, have been stalked (and repeatedly slaughtered) by one very powerful and very vengeful demon. Now, in modern times, he’s found them again.

My fascination with urban fantasy novels started when BelleBooks (, the small press I co-own with three other authors, began publishing fantasy novels last year. Editing books about vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts, magic prophecies and “other” for our new imprint,, was so much fun I decided to give the genre a try as a writer.

Coming next year: Soul Hunter. Also, new women’s fiction projects as Deborah Smith. Look for CLEMENTINE AND MORNING GLORY next spring.

Thanks, y’all! Happy demon hunting!

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