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Susanna Carr | My Starbuck’s order

October 21, 2008

It started innocently.

I am not a coffee drinker, but when I moved to the Seattle area a decade ago, I discovered that pretty much everyone else is. If I wanted to attend meetings or have a quick chat with friends, it was going to be at a Starbuck’s.

The vocabulary at Starbuck’s was like a foreign language to me. Double tall? With room? What are they talking about? I eventually learned the lingo but I swore I wouldn’t be one of those customers with a complicated order.

I thought I was doing okay with that vow until the other day. I ordered my Venti extra-hot, non-fat no water Chai tea latte. How did this happen? I used to be a simple Chai!

As the barista made my drink, she asked if I wanted cinnamon sprinkles. I said no, even though it sounded kind of good. My drink order was already at ten words and I think I need to cut back, not add more!

How complicated is your Starbuck’s order?

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Susanna Carr

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