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Susanna Carr | My Starbuck’s order
Uncategorized / October 21, 2008

It started innocently. I am not a coffee drinker, but when I moved to the Seattle area a decade ago, I discovered that pretty much everyone else is. If I wanted to attend meetings or have a quick chat with friends, it was going to be at a Starbuck’s. The vocabulary at Starbuck’s was like a foreign language to me. Double tall? With room? What are they talking about? I eventually learned the lingo but I swore I wouldn’t be one of those customers with a complicated order. I thought I was doing okay with that vow until the other day. I ordered my Venti extra-hot, non-fat no water Chai tea latte. How did this happen? I used to be a simple Chai! As the barista made my drink, she asked if I wanted cinnamon sprinkles. I said no, even though it sounded kind of good. My drink order was already at ten words and I think I need to cut back, not add more! How complicated is your Starbuck’s order? Enter my One Day Blog contest for a chance to win a signed copy of EX, WHY AND ME. Susanna Carr Visit to learn more about books…

Susanna Carr | Readers and Writers Getting Together
Romance / June 10, 2008

Last weekend I went to the Reader & Writer Get Together Lori Foster and Dianne Castell host every year in Cincinnati, Ohio. To read more about this event, visit my blog. This was my first time visiting the event and I think any die-hard romance reader should attend. Why? Here are five reasons: It’s great to meet the romance readers you only talk to online. It’s a rare opportunity to spend hours chatting about books with readers who love romance as much as you do. Chances are you will have more in common with these readers than favorite books and authors. It’s fun to meet your favorite authors in a casual environment. (For some reason it’s not that nerve-wracking when everyone is wearing jeans and T-shirts!) Every woman should set aside at least one weekend that is just for her. You spend every other weekend for family, work and chores. A weekend at the Get Together is relaxing and giving you the “me time” you deserve! Susanna Carr Visit to learn more about books and authors.