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Suzanne Simmons is… Elizabeth Guest!

January 31, 2007

Elizabeth Guest is the pseudonym Suzanne Simmons has adopted to reinvent herself and launch a new series in a new genre. Her new book is a paranormal romance titled NIGHT LIFE (Berkley Sensation) and is set for publication April 3, 2007. The storyline involves a pharaoh, who, using a sacred ritual, is able to awaken thousands of years later as a vampire in Las Vegas. But evil forces have also awakened and are set on destroying him again, as well as the new love he’s found with a lovely Egyptologist, the woman of his dreams. By the way, Suzanne tells me this about Elizabeth Guest, “It’s a family name and the name of the heroine in my first historical romance, DESERT ROGUE, published by Avon back in 1992. I always knew if I was going to write under a different name than my own, that’s the one I would choose.” She also goes on to tell me, “I’m currently working on the second book in the series, DEAD OF NIGHT, set in Los Angeles. Each book stands on its own and features a different hero and heroine because that’s the kind of series I prefer as a reader.”

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