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T. Sue VerSteeg | Ah, love…

February 15, 2008

This one tiny word encompasses all from which romance novels are made. It doesn’t matter what genre, category or heat level. It all comes down to those four little letters. Now, the word itself may be small, but the concept is huge. The tiny flicker eventually turning into an all-consuming flame–now that is love…or at the very least, lust.

As a romance writer, I have to admit that this fire is what sucked me into writing the genre. I love…love. The sex is great, but it is so much more than hopping in the sack. The thrill of the chase, the spark of the first kiss, the flame of the passion, and the sigh of the happily-ever-after ending make it the only category for me to read and write.

There are many people who say romance is nothing but predictable, just because they end the same. I have one word for them: Duh! Mysteries end with a resolution to the mystery and horror stories are going to have gruesome scenes, yet for some reason, they generally aren’t lumped into one bunch and pooh-poohed as a whole. Writing a book is all about the presentation and figuring out how to flow your words from point A to point B with finesse, regardless of genre. If a writer does it well, it sticks with the reader. Period. For me, if a writer does it well and their characters fall in love, I’m a fan forever.

Don’t be afraid to flaunt the fact that you are a romance fanatic, especially with today’s romance. There truly is something out there for everyone.

I’d like to thank Fresh Fiction for inviting me to blog today. I never pass up a chance to ramble on about my love of writing and romance. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at I’d love to hear from you. You can also visit my website at My latest release, Click!, is available in e-book format from my site. All proceeds from sales are being donated to help the wonderful folks at Romance Divas. This is a writing site dedicated to those whose passion in writing is aimed at the romance world. Stop by and say hello.

T. Sue VerSteeg

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