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Carly Phillips | What is Romance?

February 14, 2008

It’s Valentine’s Day so of course the subject of the day is Romance. What is romance? Is it the perfect gift? The bouquet of flowers? The huge heart shaped box of candy? Or is it the little blue velvet (or whatever) color jewelry box from your favorite store? Seriously sappy cards? Or humorous fun ones?

Before I answer or at least give my opinion, I admit to loving all of these things. I’ve been married almost 19 years and my heart still does a little leap when the florist comes. Honestly, my husband isn’t a “true romantic” and that’s okay. As long as there’s a way he remembers important dates, I’m happy.

I think too much emphasis is placed on Valentine’s Day and even birthdays etc. A lot of men just aren’t wired to be romantic. Even if you’ve tried to retrain them, they just don’t think that way. Although how they can miss the T.V. commercials and radio ads is beyond me. Still, if they value you and have their own way of showing it, that should be enough.

For me, I don’t need the big fancy gift or the flowers (although it’s nice when I get them.) We’re usually leaving for a family vacation right after Valentine’s Day which makes flowers that will die while I’m gone a waste of money. But it’s enough for him to say “I would have gotten you flowers but we’re leaving the next day.” That tells me he remembered.

That said, I have also learned to tell him what I want for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and the like, and then to go out and buy it. He does the same. That way we each get what we like, no one is disappointed or upset with the other for forgetting. And we do get each other cards …

To answer my original question, what is romance? It’s the little things all year round that mean the most. But I wouldn’t return anything inside a little velvet box, ::hint:: ::hint::


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