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Jennie Marts | Title Challenge: COWBOY STATE OF MIND
Author Guest / June 30, 2020

A is for ANIMALS–there are so many cute and funny animals in this book * C is for COWBOY–of course. One hunky cowboy hero coming right up O is for OTIS–the ornery goat who is always causing trouble W is for our WOUNDED and scarred hero, Zane, the tough but tender cowboy B is for BRYN–the spunky heroine of this story O is for OINK–the sound that Tiny (the adorable fashion conscious pig who thinks she’s a dog) makes Y is for YEARNING–which there is sooo much of in this book * S is for SHAMUS–the cutest mini-horse who is always causing trouble with Otis T is for TROUBLE–what Bryn and Zane find themselves in when they realize the horse they rescued is pregnant A is for the sweet ABANDONED horses that find their way to Bryn T is for TENDERLY–the way Zane treats the rescued horses E is for ELECTRIC–the passionately-charged air between Zane and Bryn * O is for ORNERY—did I already tell you about Otis, the crazy goat? F is for the FIVE puppies that Bryn, Zane and Elle rescue from a storm cellar * M is for MANDY–the sassy 10 year old daughter of the hot…