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Adriana Anders | Exclusive Interview: WHITEOUT + Giveaway!
Author Guest / January 28, 2020

Welcome back to Fresh Fiction, Adriana! Please tell us about your new series, Survival Instincts, and the first book, WHITEOUT. Thank you so much for having me! It’s a pleasure, as always! My new Romantic Suspense series, Survival Instincts, pits my heroines and heroes against nature and a group of big baddies who want to change the face of the planet. I’m calling the subgenre Survival Romance, because each book follows a specific couple into extreme run or die situations. WHITEOUT, the first in the series takes us to Antarctica, at the cusp of the long, dark winter.  Angel Smith is a chef at a research facility in Antarctica – and she has her own reasons for finding a job at the edge of the world – but aside from dealing with the cold temps, she doesn’t think her job will be all that difficult. . .  until she finds herself on the run across the frozen landscape from a killer. Tell us more about Angel’s character development, and how she deals with this intense situation! From the start, Angel is a strong person, both mentally and physically–she’s a woman who climbed the ladder and held her own as a chef in…

Adriana Anders | Gruff, Grumpy, and Reclusive: Five Heroes Who Hit all the Right Buttons
Author Guest / August 3, 2017

There’s a certain hero cocktail that hits all of my buttons. Big and gruff? Check. But a love on the inside. Also check. Scarred and messed up in so many ways? Check check check. And a loner. Yes. One hundred percent yes. I’ve got heroes who don’t fit this mold, because life is made up of more than just loners and I like to think my books mirror life, but when I can write one, I jump at the chance. And I absolutely love to read them. Luc, the hero of In His Hands, the third book in my Blank Canvas series, is a gruff, but sweet recluse and I absolutely adored putting him on the page. Here are a few other loner heroes who are impossible to forget. In UNBOUND, Cara McKenna gives us reclusive Rob who is kinky and strange and totally my kind of hero. He’s a mess, so of course I love him. The man is in self-imposed exile in the highlands, after his life fell apart in large part due to his alcoholism. By the time the heroine comes across him, he thinks he’s a lost cause. Aren’t lost cause heroes the best? Noah Gideon…